Are you a speaker or solo-preneur (coach, healer, transformational leader) with a massive message to share, but despite your hard work and investments (of time, energy, and money), you’re still struggling to get your business to rise above the daily grind?  

Have you made huge strides since you began your business but at some point it became more like a JOB than the “Big Dream” you original started your business to achieve?  

If so, you’re not alone.  

Being a solo-preneur is a tough road to haul. There are so many hats to wear and projects to keep afloat simultaneously. No matter how excited (or committed) you were to making your “dream” come true, at some point it can simple become about surviving versus thriving.  

What happened?  

You just got a little lost.  

But what if you could reconnect to that passion and excitement that you felt when first started this business?  

What if you could get ‘back on track’ to sharing that awesome message with the world?  

What if you could breakthrough the ‘same ole same ole’ and ‘hum drum’ nature of the daily grind…  

...and get back in touch with WHY you are doing what you are doing in the first place?  

What if you could Drop In… so you can finally Stand Out?!  

What if you could drop in so deep to your true alignment that you were then able let go of the ‘hustlin’ mentality and own the magnetic super star you are? It’s time you STAND OUT and make the impact you’re here to make with your gifts and your business! If not NOW...then when?  

If you’re ready to …  

  • Stand out from the crowd and elevate your business...
  • Attract your ideal audience and create raving fans...
  • Be more confident on stage and video...
  • Increase your prices and charge what you're worth... 


Important update: Registration 9:00am - Event 10:00am- 9:00pm  

**BONUS** Dinner will be provided Sean and Dallas will be doing live hotseats & coaching for participants from 6:00pm to 9:00pm! 

YOU’RE OFFICIALLY INVITED to get POWERFULLY ALIGNED, ROCK your business, MASSIVELY GROW your revenue and STAND OUT, by joining us at a special one-day LIVE event on Saturday, September 9th  

"Drop In, Stand Out - The Ultimate Alignment for Your Thriving Business!"

This event is about getting you out of your head and into your heart to reconnect to what you’re doing this for. From there, we will be giving you the tools and juice to rock your business from the inside out.  

You get to increase your value, your reach, your R.O.I and the fulfillment you experience from your business and in your life!  

Is this about getting more clients and making more money? Yes! And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  

What this is really about is finding your stride again… finding your voice again… and finding your joy again, so that you can get your business to thrive!  

REGISTER HERE NOW to get the Early Bird rate.  

Sean Stewart is a transformational sales mentor for coaches, healers and leaders who mixes spoken word poetry and hip hop into his live events and trainings to help people breakthrough to new levels of success in their business and lives.  

Dallas Michael Cyr is a Life Transition Ninja and Warrior of the light, as well as an inspirational Speaker and Spoken word artist. Creator of Ignite Purpose, he is the ULTIMATE coach for conscious impact driven entrepreneurs, creatives, future leaders and those seeking an extraordinary & exceptional life!  

Together they make a powerful team, fully committed to giving you the most cutting-edge business training, mixed with transformation, entertainment, and tons of heart.  

Here are a few of the things we will be covering at this event:  

  • How to attract ‘raving fan’ clients who absolutely love working with you because of how you show up
  • How to find and how to design irresistible high ticket packages that sell with ease 
  • How to move from modeling to creating… so that you can claim your own unique voice and stand out in your market
  • How to show up powerfully on stage and video so you get your message out to more people and make a bigger impact with you gifts 
  • How to master a transformational sales process that will help you convert 3 out of every 4 prospects you speak with in a way that empowers and creates a ton of trust  

… and much more  

Whether you are just starting out in business or have been in business for a while, this event will be the spark that will reignite your passion, your power and profits, so you can get your business to the next level and never look back.  

Both Sean and Dallas will be performing spoken word and music to get you moving throughout the event, so get ready to dance and have a great time!  

With special guest DJ Open Optics on the 1’s and 2’s.  

Ticket price is ONLY $97 for the whole day and includes dinner

DROP IN and STAND OUT! Date: September 9, 2017 Time: 9:00am Registration Event: 10:00am- 9:00pm 

**BONUS** Dinner will be provided Sean and Dallas will be doing live hotseats & coaching for participants from 6:00pm to 9:00pm!  

Location: Clubroom at Grand Pacific Palisades Resort & Hotel 5805 Armada Dr. Carlsbad, CA 92008 760.827.3230  


Sean Stewart 

The Creative Track® 

Sean Stewart is a speaker, trainer and mentor for mission driven coaches and entrepreneurs. Sean’s main focus is helping his clients build thriving business by attracting and enrolling high-end clients. Sean’s clients often come to him with a lack of leads and a fear of asking for the high ticket sale and through his transformation based systems, he helps them solve those problem so they can make the impact and live the freedom lifestyle they dream of. Sean has been a featured expert on NBC news, Fox News and in The New York Times and 7 figure business leaders (like Ted McGrath, Lisa Sasevich, and Marisa Murgitroyd) have hired Sean to help their sales teams increase conversions.  

Dallas Cyr 

Dallas Michael Cyr is a Life Transition Ninja and Warrior of the light, as well as an inspirational Speaker and Spoken word artist and is the Founder of Ignite Purpose, the ULTIMATE coaching for conscious impact driven entrepreneurs, creatives, future leaders and those seeking an extraordinary and exceptional life!  

He is also the creator of SPEAK | EXPRESS | IMPACT, a powerful training for people who wish to Speak more effectively and Express more authentically to create greater Impact in the world.  

Dallas has an incredible story of going from mess to success and adversity to abundance. At one point bankrupt emotionally, financially and spiritually to now living an extraordinary life of passion, purpose and fun. He has built 3 businesses and for the last seven years has been guiding his clients to permanently eliminate negative patterns, heal broken relationships, start or resurrect businesses and live extraordinary lives. His motto is Ignite Your Purpose - Live Your Passion - Love Your Life!  


"I had a call with Sean and a few days after I landed my first 6-month $25,000 client. Sean helped me to see how some of my own limiting beliefs were getting in the way. He also had great tips on mindsets that I used to eventually enroll the client by supporting her past her fears by taking a firm stand for her own vision and dreams as she struggled to say "yes" to herself." 

- Dr. Marny Turvil, wellness coach 


"Less than a week after I hired Sean Douglas Stewart I enrolled a new client at $2500, which had been my highest offering at that time. He encouraged me to raise my rates and gave me an easy way to do it which allowed me to get comfortable with the new packages and then I sold a 5K package right after that. I had my first 10K month while working with Sean!" 

- Katie Collins, business coach 


"I went from 2K a month to 9k a month in 90 days." 

- Raeeka Yaghmai, dating Coach 


"Thanks to Sean's help, I just had my first 20K month! And to think people said I couldn't make money in the health niche! They were wrong" 

 - Jeff Bell, The overcome cancer coach


"My decision to invest in Coaching with Dallas was well worth the investment. I have always known that I am meant to do bigger and better things with my life and career. But, I had no idea where to begin.  

With his entrepreneurial spirit, his experience and passion for life, I knew Dallas was the one to call for help. Having gone through the 90 day Passion Warrior program, Dallas Cyr's coaching provided me with the necessary clarity I have been striving for. Whatever stage you are at in your life and/or career, Dallas's coaching will certainly amplify your success." 

~ Michael Norton - Coaching Client 


"Dallas Cyr was my business coach and constant guide for over three months while I launched my business. I had the passion and the drive, but didn't know where to begin. With his help, I far exceeded my own expectations. The results were quick and evident within the first few weeks. Working with Dallas was worth every penny." 

~ Erin - Entrepreneur & Coaching Client


"I would recommend working with Dallas in a heartbeat – learning from him has been an unbelievable journey, worth every second, and he is truly committed and passionate about what he does. The journey of life is an even greater one, but I believe it can only be as great as you believe it can be in your own experience. Let Dallas teach you how to uncover the things that hold you back, realize your potential and take your life to the next level." 

~ Ramon Renderos Soto  

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